Saturday, October 03, 2009

Speed the Road, Rush the Lights

This is turning into some kind of 'week in review' affair. I'll sort it out next week.
Last Sunday me and the father went for coffee.
Then I went to 100% Design.
14Bike.Co. Check them out here.

Bike frame covered with snakeskin leather.

I don't really know how this worked. The person who operated it wasn't there. Sadness.

I helped take those pictures.

Sarah Davenport's setup was pretty amazing.
Nottingham is haunting me.
Raj's photo's looked ace.
Ollie, who wouldn't let me take another (in focus) shot.

These guys were firing out work left, right and centre. I'll upload some scans soon.

You can buy this.
It's modular, so you can buy smaller bits if you like.
Stuff made from pallets.
Stuff made from paper.

The Skystation area was getting loads of attention.

I think this was Monday. Me and Becky rode into town. There's me...
...and there's Becky.
We went to Chinatown.
We didn't buy the koala biscuits, but we did buy some red bean things that were sort of tasty.
I know I've already posted a picture of this, but I really do like it.
Back to the house for Polish beer. Hurray!
I had WAY too much chilli.
Subsequently, I'm not at all proud of this photo.
We're at Wednesday now and the photography society went to the Hobgoblin.
That's Matt. We drank semi-tasty cider and some rum. It was good.
I'll get some more stuff online tomorrow hopefully.

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  1. Some good pics there, Nicholas! I preferred the others further down though (don't ask me why). I didn't realize you are living with Becky in London. Becky is fab - I love her, and her work too!

    Who is your gorgeous friend Matt? What a hunk :)

    Richard (the old guy from Broadway)