Friday, September 11, 2009

Ghosts On Tape

I'm almost up-to-date with things now.
Me and pop are at Brixton academy.
We're not here for Gorilla Biscuits, but you're not far off.

I'd waited WAY too long to see that show. Even if it was a support slot.
The Offspring headlined and they were loud. Really loud.
But we didn't really mind, because by this point we were absolutely battered.

I'm not sure how long they were onstage, but it seemed like ages.
Why's he holding a shoe?

Next day meant the end of the brace of interviews I'd come down for, so drinks and crisps at The Rake were in order.
The St. Thomas' crowd are on a temporary relocation, so they came down too. There's Mike.
Anna, Simon and Jane's kinda hiding.
These lovely people weren't even with us, but they joined in and were great. This is the 'super grainy black and white' section of the evening, because I didn't want to blind everyone with flash.

I don't remember what he was drinking. It's either the smokey German porter or the chocolate and vanilla stout. Both of which were surprisingly tasty!

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