Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sandman, the Brakeman and Me

I know it's been a while, but a lot's changed and things have been busy!
Mega compact camera upload starts with Euan! He came to visit for a long weekend and we drank lots.
The outdoor lighting at The Social and this camera do not get along.
Old people queue for no reason in particular. Beeston does this to people.
Malt Cross means more drinks.

Kate pulls a funny face again. At Rescue Rooms maybe?
Vodka eyes.
Both Alix and Hannah will hate this picture.
I think this was about a week later. John's last day at the Broadway. This is Dan's Ian Brown pose I think, but I may be wrong.
Andy in Tracey's hoodie.

Almost lovers perhaps.
The Social hates my camera version two.
Benjamin. I'm going to miss this guy!
Raj at the OBN video shoot.

More on this soon.
Then I moved to London, which was fun and games for a week or so. Upstairs at the Garage has a curious lighting rig.
Klima were on first.

Angèle David-Guillou was absolutely everything I hoped for! Yay!

Epic45 were next and this is the only decent photo I got of them but they were good also.
Piano Magic headlined and were awesome and loud.

Probably the best show I've been to in ages.
Hermès at Liberty.
André Kertész at The Photographers Gallery. Go to this show. It's brilliant.

We blocked a busy train with a bicycle and had chocolate-covered Brazil nuts.
My sketchbook, Kate's sketch. On the table in Surrey House.
That tall tower over there is near my house. It's not as far as it seems, but it still seems like forever away.
Lidl sells ale for £1 per bottle. Thumbs up.
Beer and beans at Becky's place. Unseen in the background is Belinda struggling with Virgin Media on the phone for a wholly unnecessary amount of time.
Shumaiya and me (kinda) at the Goldsmiths freshers fair. Disappointingly little free crap attained.
It was a lovely day though.
Last night at The Intrepid Fox meant many beers.
What the hell am I doing with my arms?
Witty caption not found. I'm gonna try and post more now I'm settling in and stuff. Also, I found my chargers, so I have no excuses.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All the Big Trees

It's the Hockley Hustle again soon.
It's also freshers week at NCN.

Adam's looking as good as ever. Lady on the left's the student union president. I don't remember her name but she was lovely.
This is why you should go to this year's event (aside from seeing me there, obviously).
And to see Tommy, of course.

Good choice.
I don't know what Adam's doing. I don't want to know what Adam's doing.
Adam took this.
and this.
Because I found Kate. Broadway had a stall and we tried to sell movie membership to students who had never heard of us.

Family performance.

Be there or we will collectively scowl at you.