Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maybe So, Maybe No

This is probably the biggest post I've ever done and there's still another two parts to come.
I went to Nice a few weeks ago. There's a long and boring story behind it, but I didn't expect to be there and I was on my own.
The hotel had a bar on the roof. That down there is Theatre De Verdure, where Cross Over Festival was going down.

2 Many DJs played. A free 2 Many DJs show whilst drinking vanilla vodka on a hotel roof in the south of France was pretty lovely.
Then I went for a walk.
Place Massena.
My hotel. My room's next to the neon sign.
I don't know whether to describe my square of marble as a balcony, but it was certainly great to hang out on first thing in the morning.

Hello me.

After a huge hotel breakfast, I found a B&O store.
And a Hastens shop!
Eventually I came across the MAMAC (Musee d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain).

These drawings were just amazing.

In fact, the whole thing was amazing.
Christo does Paris.
Christo does shop fronts.

Niki de Saint Phalle and Jasper Johns.
and one of her pieces.
Good texture.
Good colour.
Good texture and colour.
Acropolis theatre.
Richard Long.
This one's for Andy.

Anyway, it was time to head on.
Place Garibaldi.
The guy at the bottom was wearing a Jimmy Hallyday t-shirt and talking to the birds.

Alleyway, not sure where exactly.

Someone was practicing violin in one of the apartments on the right.
Near the top of the hill.
At the top. It was really hot by this point.

I think that ferry goes to Sardinia.
Possibly the biggest private yacht I've ever seen.


I wish I'd got a shot of the whole of this structure. The lift in there must be ANCIENT, but it's still in use.
More trees.

This is absolutely the best thing for a hot day.

I only really took this as a drawing reference. The light was fading pretty fast.
I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but the food was ace.
The girl walking up the steps was taking photos too.
Place Palais de la Justice, from Lou Pastrouil, with Bar de la Dégustation on the right.
Too much wheat beer meant an unmade bed and a huge headache the next morning.
This time I walked the other way.
Lots of lines.
Gare de Nice Ville.
I went a bit line-crazy here.
It was really hard to get a decent shot with the blue lights in.

After I'd had enough concrete it was time for the beach.
That guy in the middle just stood like that for about twenty minutes.

I'm not even going to try and explain this.
I don't remember everybody's name, but that's Marie in the corner and the others are her friends.
and that's Bela, who has fantastic hair.
Bar de la Dégustation again.
We gave up on eating it.
Fast forward and we had to drop some stuff off at Marie's place. This isn't Marie's place, it's a few doors down. I don't know what the building's for but it looked pretty amazing.

Fast forward again and we're back at the MAMAC for this. I didn't take this or the next few pictures, Bela did, so if you want to know who anyone is, I don't know. Ask him.
This is the only photo I got with Naïma on, so I'm posting it, despite the blurriness and me looking awful.

I'm sure all those people are lovely, I just don't know who they are.
Back to me again and I don't know what happened to this image.
Marco. He's a photographer too. Go check out his website. He's good.
Da Jobu and DJ Diams.
I don't know who this is. Good pose though.
It was way more full than this photo lets on.
This guy's an artist. He was so eccentric. It was brilliant.
Diams (I think).

Those little dark things on the wall are lizards. Apparently that means good luck.
There was a white flower before this one. The white one looked better.
Dance time.
To say this girl is awesome doesn't even come close.

DJ Food on the left. He's from London. Yay!

Again, I don't know this guy, but good pose.
Final day and a walk down the sea front. Rooms at the Negresco start at €295 (out of season).

Around this time I realised that I'd have to come back to England soon.
and REALLY didn't want to.

I definitely had a moment when I got to the harbour.

I'd probably do anything for a yacht.
Even a small one would be fine.

Nice airport, just after stepping off the bus on the left. I was rather miserable by this point.

More to follow, along with a WHOLE bunch of other non-France related stuff.

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