Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Shapes of Never

There was a Tex-Mex party at Backlit and I am once again terribly late uploading the photos.
I don't know what Nicki was trying to achieve, but she seemed to be working it.
Andrew Brookfield wants YOU.
John didn't dress up, but it didn't matter.
Hello John's hand.
I stole Nicki's moustache. Sorry Nicki.

The mini keg was emptied rather quickly.
Jacob killed it with the dressing-up.

Luke even popped by.

I don't know why this is the only photo of Beth, but it is.

I think Nicki took those.

and those.

Maybe these too.

Coloured flash ate all my battery power again, so we had to go back to white. I don't know why Andy's at this angle.
Or what on earth Pete was doing.
Even the chair joined in.

Ezekiel Eats Red Hoodie

A few weeks ago I went to Bottesford because I hadn't been there before. I can't believe I'm so late posting these.
There's a church in Bottesford.

and a lot of ducks. This one hung out next to me whilst all the other ducks went somewhere else, so I like this one best.
Then I found a cat.

and some biplanes. I don't know what they were doing, but biplanes are kinda cool.

Then it was time to go home.

I'll put up my Tex-mex pictures later.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Clown Powder

Quatre photos panoramiques de Nice. Click for a better look, d'accord?
I'm sure you're probably bored of looking at my adventures in France now. Don't worry. These are the last ones.
The city from (almost) the top of Mont Boron.
It was hailing in England when I took this.
This one should've been bigger, but the bottom right frame just didn't look right. Sorry.
I've got some more stuff to put up. Maybe I'll do it later. MAYBE.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spanish Gold, 2044

Nice, parte deux.

Don't know who she was, but that's on the steps up to Le Grand Cafe des Arts.

Picture book houses.

Place Garibaldi.
One of the only singlespeeds I found.

This is actually two of three frames. The second's a shocker for both of us.

Hello Promenade.

Mini panorama. It looks a lot darker than it was. It was actually really hot and sunny.
More later, or maybe tomorrow.