Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Lack Science

Catch-up time.
I can't remember when this was. That's Claire's window and the moon though, so I guess I was staying over that night.
That's Andy climbing a tree in the Arboretum.
and everyone else joined him.

Me and Matt went on a bike ride to Wollaton Park.

Matt's bike has since been stolen. Welcome to Nottingham. Welcome to sad times.
Weather was lovely.
Fast forward and we're at last Thursday. One & Other by Antony Gormley is fully underway so me and Janet went to investigate. This guy was reading from the Bible and had strange trousers. Later we saw a lady making a mannequin from bread.
Nelson may have been impressed. Certainly by bread lady.
Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. at the ICA. If you're a fan of type/poetry, go check it out.
In fact, just go check it out anyway. It's really good and the ICA's free anyway.

I haven't quite worked out what this says yet.
This won't make sense to anyone except Janet. Taken from the allotment project in St. James Park.
Popcorn at Curzon.
Lamp reflections and Janet looking stretched but still fabulous in Liberty.
Friday morning and Janet's gone east. Claire came down after work on Thursday, and had an interview Friday morning, so I went to check out the Malick Sadibé exhibition at Hackel Bury. That's the gallery right there, with the blue canopy.
Then I went for a walk and saw a huge helicopter.
and a huge tree in Hyde Park.
Somewhere between the last print and this one was a visit to the Jeff Koons show at The Serpentine. They were pretty tight regarding people with cameras though, so no shots.
St. Paul's on the way to meet Claire.
Southbank socks. I want some please.

Next exhibition was Drawing Life by Javier Mariscal at the Design Museum.
I don't care about paying to see this. It was SO good.

It's Claire in the only photo I managed to get of her.
Some people went past on a HUGE ship. I don't know what this was about.
But if you look on the left, It was so big they had to open Tower Bridge.
Then we went to the Ed Banger party (see previous post) and got barely any sleep before catching the train back north, which had apparently suffered some sort of attempted zombie attack.
Not to worry though, we had Poppa Stevenson watching our backs.

Loads more stuff yet to post...

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