Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reading To An Elephant

Bam! Pop9. Maybe in the right order. Maybe not.Not sure where or when. It's probably quite an old one.
Is this Ben's hat? I think it is. I'm sure Ben's got a hat LIKE that anyway.
James/Jonny/Me. Drunk? Drunk.
Parting, twice, with light leaks.
Overexposure or early morning. I don't remember.
Goyard in Mayfair. Already excited for when this place is open.
Mayfair again. Lanvin, I think.
Hero pose.
Handrail maybe. Dunno who or what's behind it.
Malt Cross probably.
Malt Cross definitely.
Maybe the biggest rainbow I've ever seen.
Location unknown.
Paige/Hannah/Robert/Grandpa/Green bus.
I don't know why I have lots of photos of my shoes but I do like my laces.
Gran and William.
The Social and a missed frame.
If you're walking past Zara in Nottingham and the sun's out and the fruit guy's there, get one of those. They're only like, £1 and they taste SO DAMN GOOD.
Double exposed because I thought I hadn't run out of film but I had.
More in the next couple days!

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