Thursday, June 04, 2009

Love Like a Sunset

Okay. These are going to alternate every now and then from BlackBerry to Canon, and back again. Sorry.First up's a bunch of old BlackBerry ones. That's Nicki at The Social during Dot to Dot.
And that's the only photo I took of Abe Vigoda.
That's some tulips I bought. They've since died, but provided a week or so of something pretty to look at.
Can't remember who did this. Sorry it's so faint.
Dan eating outside Muse on the staff night out.
Back to the present. OBN were filmed for Will/I'm Not From London's documentary.

Matt and Joe bought bacon.
If you ever feel as though you need bacon, head to ASDA West Bridgford. It's not like they're running out anytime soon.
Canon now. I went to Chez Mother to do some work in the sunshine (this was Tuesday).
Jodie sat out in the garden with me.
Phone again. Me and James took a trip to the Private View at Nash on the corner of Broad Street (I don't know the proper address). If you get chance, go see the show. There's some real nice stuff up.

This piece was seriously legit.

Back to the camera. Post-show we went to Eleven because Keiran and Shaun had face paint. James was the test subject.
Apparently a zebra.
Semi-sober face artistes.

First version.

That's Meggie on the right there. She's real cool. Say hey if you see her about.
Second versions. I had to ride home like this.
I didn't want to include this but I couldn't help it. Not sure if that's a pose or not.
Wednesday and Poppa's back in town for a few days.
Will in Muse.
We went to Broadway for some food.
And played with long exposures.

Then I went out with Ben and Joe and we drank more than was necessary.
Hello Ben.
Hello Joe.
The man in Amigos makes awful food, but is real friendly, so when you're drunk, this place feels amazing.
Fast forward to today and lunch in The Malt Cross with more Photoradar shows. Didn't take any photos in that one. Sorry.
Go to this. I promise it'll be good. Seriously, with a name like that, do you really think it'd be anything less than great?
The sloppy josé burger was an EFFORT to eat, but tasted awesome. Go get one.

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