Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Payday At Coal Creek

Overdue posting again. On Wednesday I went to the Foundation Art & Design show.
Unfortunately I forgot to note down who everything was by, so if you see your work and I haven't credited you, I really am sorry.

Despite the vinyl models not working, Nathan's toys looked sharp.

This was Emily's work.
Not only was her work my favourite in the show, these photos are from her camera, because mine were out of film/battery and she was lovely enough to let me borrow it.
I couldn't get all of Katie's photos in one frame, but rest assured, they were all awesome.
It's me!
I saw Rob when he was halfway through these.
They took AGES, but it was so worth it.
Ella's mural. I don't know what these were done on. It was like vinyl or lino or something. Whatever it was, I want some of it.
Josh made a pretty killer font.
I can't remember who these were by...
...but they were reaaaaal good. There was a balloon over some mountains too.
Not applicable.
This won "most innovative show" or something like that.
Totally deserved. Again though, I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO MADE IT.
Again, don't know who did them, but these were incredible. There weren't as many pieces like this in this year's show as there were last year, which made the impact even better.

I would say 'go check it out NOW' but they took them down yesterday (I think it was yesterday anyhow).

Experiments in Pop9: Volume 3(?) coming back tomorrow, as I was too late to collect them today.

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