Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reading To An Elephant

Bam! Pop9. Maybe in the right order. Maybe not.Not sure where or when. It's probably quite an old one.
Is this Ben's hat? I think it is. I'm sure Ben's got a hat LIKE that anyway.
James/Jonny/Me. Drunk? Drunk.
Parting, twice, with light leaks.
Overexposure or early morning. I don't remember.
Goyard in Mayfair. Already excited for when this place is open.
Mayfair again. Lanvin, I think.
Hero pose.
Handrail maybe. Dunno who or what's behind it.
Malt Cross probably.
Malt Cross definitely.
Maybe the biggest rainbow I've ever seen.
Location unknown.
Paige/Hannah/Robert/Grandpa/Green bus.
I don't know why I have lots of photos of my shoes but I do like my laces.
Gran and William.
The Social and a missed frame.
If you're walking past Zara in Nottingham and the sun's out and the fruit guy's there, get one of those. They're only like, £1 and they taste SO DAMN GOOD.
Double exposed because I thought I hadn't run out of film but I had.
More in the next couple days!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Payday At Coal Creek

Overdue posting again. On Wednesday I went to the Foundation Art & Design show.
Unfortunately I forgot to note down who everything was by, so if you see your work and I haven't credited you, I really am sorry.

Despite the vinyl models not working, Nathan's toys looked sharp.

This was Emily's work.
Not only was her work my favourite in the show, these photos are from her camera, because mine were out of film/battery and she was lovely enough to let me borrow it.
I couldn't get all of Katie's photos in one frame, but rest assured, they were all awesome.
It's me!
I saw Rob when he was halfway through these.
They took AGES, but it was so worth it.
Ella's mural. I don't know what these were done on. It was like vinyl or lino or something. Whatever it was, I want some of it.
Josh made a pretty killer font.
I can't remember who these were by...
...but they were reaaaaal good. There was a balloon over some mountains too.
Not applicable.
This won "most innovative show" or something like that.
Totally deserved. Again though, I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO MADE IT.
Again, don't know who did them, but these were incredible. There weren't as many pieces like this in this year's show as there were last year, which made the impact even better.

I would say 'go check it out NOW' but they took them down yesterday (I think it was yesterday anyhow).

Experiments in Pop9: Volume 3(?) coming back tomorrow, as I was too late to collect them today.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise

So, Monday night was Bangers & Fash at Brownes.
This is not Brownes. This is Sophie, back for summer, at Broadway. She'll probably be angry with me for posting this. Or make a remark about her nose. You have a lovely nose, Sophie!
Sadly, I only caught the very end of the fashion show.
There was some REAL good stuff in there though.

James, me and possibly Meggie? Not certain.
Definitely Meggie there though. And David.

Hello green flash. Hello Else.
This is Simon's "My fashion show just went down reeeeeaaaaaal good!" pose...
...and this is his "We've already sold LOADS of shirts!" pose.
Andy and Amber.

Jen modeled and looked absolutely fantastic. (MacBook spellcheck says that's how you spell it but I'm suspicious).

I don't know who these girls were, but they know Simon and they were lovely.
Apparently this is a ritual of theirs!
Compulsory crowd shot.

This is Laura and Claire. They're doing this, which you should definitely go to.
Things moved on to The Social, where everyone was showing some love.

I didn't want to love myself, so a blurry Andy B will do.
I don't remember your name but your dress was really pretty!
The 'fat' puddles outside. Ask Andy about those.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh-kayyyyy. Here's where it starts getting a bit strange. Me and Andy took a night adventure. This was around 4am. Strong feelings of chasing wild geese.

Andy set this one up.
I don't know where we were, but the buildings were awesome everywhere.

Eventually, we found everyone.
Even Luke.
I'm pretty sure they weren't his bananas. This was followed by an offering of spoons and an iron.
Pam offered us breakfast at her place but didn't want to walk.
We stopped off at the park.
Thumbs down.

Luke J Moss Vs. Red Stripe.
Ha. This one's kinda hard to explain. We found another party. It was REALLY odd. We got in the shower. We didn't turn the shower on but Pam did take this photo.
Not sure why that was there.
They asked me to take this.
I'm not even going to attempt explaining the lounge. Circa 6am.
Big house. We weren't there long.
But thanks for having us anyway!
Back to the journey.
Circa 7am.
Pam cooked breakfast and gave us tea (seriously, how amazing is she?!) and Andy fell asleep.
Closely followed by Luke, at which point I went home.