Friday, May 15, 2009


I can't be bothered with the whole back story, but basically Robots got back together for some final shows. 
Marq didn't come to the show, but he did come for a post-shift beer.
I think Luke was still waiting for a kickdrum at this point.
Anyway, eventually things got going.
Henry's beard is just beyond belief now.

See what I mean?

I don't care if this is blurred. Well, I do, but I still like it.
The only (decent) shot I got of Simon and it's only half his arm.
Don't know what went on here. I'm starting to quite like the slow shutter/external flash idea.

"Packed" wasn't even close.
Then Capitalist Casaulties went on. I didn't really get that many photos, as by this point not having earplugs was SERIOUSLY starting to hurt.
Kinda like this one.
Been shooting quite a lot on film lately, so I'll have those up when I get round to developing them.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Night with the Prostitute From Marseille

Sequential but not necessarily worthwhile compilation of recent BlackBerry shots. More to follow when I get them off the memory card (which I left in London). 
Hockley Grill.
In-joke visits my street.
Made myself a Busy P tee. It's a sad thing to say, but I'm real glad to be able to break out the deep V again! Summertime around the corner etc.
Waterloo tunnel has been really uninspiring recently, but I did like the bottom rule.
Hussein Chalayan at the Design Museum was awesome. It's totally unsurprising why he's doing so well.
Blurrrrrrr. I would've taken some proper shots, but they had gallery worker types wandering through constantly to stop people.