Monday, April 27, 2009

Grown Men Don't Fall in the River, Just Like That

Gosh, things have been hectic recently. Just finished something a little bit different (that I can't tell you about yet), working on something (that I'm waiting until it's done to tell you about) and about to do something that I'm sure you'll figure out eventually. ANYWAY. First actual colour film shot through the Halina.
Blossom near James' house.
Location scout on a miserable day in Sherwood Forest.
Shaun in Nottingham station on a sunny day.
Pop and William on William's birthday with another window reflection of me.
The big wheel thing. I'm starting to get the hang of this camera/my negative scanner now, so hopefully the next film will be awesome (or at least a bit better).
Unrelated, but this appeared in my inbox yesterday. I know it's a while away, but it'll be worth going to and those are my pictures right there. I'll probably be down to shoot some at the event, so come hang out!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Je Veux Te Voir

Last weekend was my Dad's birthday, so we hired out (most of) The Hawley Arms.
These are the only two photos from the pub on my camera. Poppa took loads though. I'll try and get hold of some.

So after muchos drinking (and some food), me and James moved on to a party in town. Red flash comeback!
We didn't have much beer and the beer we did have was pretty awful.
The DIY art/light job was awesome/terrible.
I don't know who these people are. Ask James. He probably knows.
Same again.
And again. This guy was cool.
This was Anca. She's from Romania and she's pretty fantastic. Say hey to her if you see her around.

James was getting quite drunk at this point.
I have absolutely no idea why half of this is black.
I don't remember her name. I should probably ask people these things before I take photos of them.
Outside was a roof area that ruled. I didn't realise at this point that there was a different window allowing access to where they're standing. Having already fallen out of one window to get this shot, I tried the direct route, along the edge of the skylight (out of shot), which I then broke with my foot.  It wasn't a successful attempt by any means.
Incidentally, the guy on the left in the white shirt is Sharif. He's cool too.
Something a bit different! I've been taking out my Halina loads recently. Since the death of Colorsplash it's great to be burning through 35mm again. That's the garden at Chez Mother.

It wasn't anywhere near as sunny as it looks.
First BBQ of the year.
Just started a massive new project today that (if all goes well) will be the best thing I've worked on in ages. Look out!