Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Wish I Was in New Orleans

I only made one post in the whole of February. How absolutely awful. It's been a busy few weeks though, so hopefully now I can be back on form and update more often with lots of shiny and interesting (possibly) things.
First up, OBN played in Kingston on the 12th. I got a ride with Judas and Jonny.
You can't see it, but behind Jonny's seat the car was FULL of equipment.

There was still some snow left over from the week before. That feels like FOREVER ago now.

It was a long drive, and BlackBerry GPS took us right into a load of traffic, but we got there eventually.
OBN were first up.

Tom drove down with Tray. They set off wayyyy before us, but we seemed to arrive at the same time. Don't know which way they went.
The crowd wasn't huge, but they were definitely feeling it.

Next up was Silent Front (I hope that's right).

There was so much UV in the merch area. It was bizarre.
Then Gin Panic, who were REAL good.

These guys had epic sections that were just so good. And a megaphone. And we all know you love megaphones.
Shield Your Eyes headlined and they definitely had the crowd on their side. Unfortunately, the guitar wasn't on their side and hardly had any strings at all left by the end.

This guy was playing stuff that had me and Judas open-mouthed. Quite literally, if I remember right.

You can't NOT take a photo of a leopard-print pool table really.
Post-show drinks.

Then they drove home and I went to what is probably Kingston's only club. Which was surprisingly really quite alright.
I don't know who these people are, but the girl on the right has a BlackBerry and I made her email work. Good deed of the day!
This was the next day, in Surbiton, which is quite possibly the strangest town I've ever seen. So strange in fact, that this is the only photo I took there.
That night me and James went to see The Black Dahlia Murder (for free, yay!) at Islington Academy. We didn't see the support, so no photos of them. Sorry!
They were very metal.
And the vocalist pointed a lot.
On record, I can tolerate this band. Sadly, after half an hour of a triggered kickdrum with the odd guitar line coming through, I wasn't hugely enjoying things.
Post-show drinks in the bar Academy upstairs. These were the (really rather lovely) people sharing a table with us.
Fast forward a week and I'm back in London for the Eat Our Shorts film festival at the BFI. No photos there unfortunately, but check out the site. They had some good stuff.
The photo above is from British Landscape Photography that's on at Liberty at the moment. The picture doesn't really do justice to how fantastic the work was.
I had my usual absorbed moment wandering around the furniture area then headed back downstairs.
The window looked fantastic, as usual. I wish I'd taken shots of the whole display to be honest.
Then it was time for drinks with Poppa. He was actually quite pleased to see me. Honest.
Jane and Simon came along too!
There's Simon.
Burst mode claims another victim.
The barman's tshirt was really quite awesome.
He thought it was awesome that we thought it was awesome.
You can't tell from any of these, but that bar was RAMMED.
Then Julia showed up for a bit.
But she'd been to the gym or something, so she didn't stay long. This is the only photo with her face in it.
I don't know if these were the best, because I didn't have any of them. But I'm sure they were alright.


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