Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last saturday Oxjam and Oh My Gosh had a bit of a party.
So me, Andy and Lauren went along.
This was in the shop upstairs. It's the first time I've been in there. If you haven't been yet, check it out.
Some of the work in there is amazing.
That Red Bull truck down there was immense.
Bantum were doing a "screen your own tshirt" thing.
The guy on the right there is Simeon. His designs are awesome. Check him out too.
Illustrations on the stairs.
This was the second time the police showed-up.

Seriously, there was art going off EVERYWHERE.

I haven't seen the wall since they finished it, but I'm sure it's pretty good.
Fast forward and it's 6am, walking home from Muse/work.

Kinda lucky I had my camera really.

I'll have a few more to post pretty soon, only they're all stitched and I'm not getting on with the Automate tool a whole lot at the moment.

Handshake Heartbreak HD from Jojo & Malou on Vimeo.
Watch this and tell me you don't want to make some stop-motion. I double dare you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome, Ghosts

Last night was the second bi-monthly Birobox Workshop, at The Malt Cross. The last one was a bit of a last-minute decision, so I didn't have my camera (I know, awful), but it was really good, so expectations were high!
Kate was my partner in crime for the evening. Looking rather lovely with pink flash.
Amy will most likely hate me for this. That's her dad's shoulder on the right. He was a cool guy.

First up was Owen Baxter (hope I spelled that right), who made music using metronomes and many microphones.
We weren't really into the music, but it was pretty impressive.

Then came the Origamibiro Vs Joy of Box set.
They only had Tom and Jim last time. Having a third member really killed it.
Annie MP came to say hello!

If you haven't already, check them out. They ruled.
Leo with the freshest bunch of colours of the night.
Then it was all over, sort of. Joseph and Ben brought me up to Rock City. I'm not sure who Sam's friends were, but they were all pretty cool.
Totally digging this video at the moment. Watch in high quality or it's a bit rubbish.
Currently editing the studio shots from monday, but can't post them yet for obvious reasons.
Also longing to be at SXSW and trying to find SOMEONE who can get me one of these. Shout up if you can!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Red Line Season

Last week most of Broadway went on a night out to The Malt Cross.
This was Boat to Row, who hadn't really played live before, but were really nice to listen to. I still hate the word 'nice' but I can't think of an appropriate other right now.
But that's not why we were there...
...we went to see House of Brothers and LJM!

I don't think I could ever get tired of photographing in The Malt Cross.

Cigarette break outside. I think this is when Amber showed up, but she wouldn't let me take her photo.
The non-smoking arm of Broadway (and Tray).
Mr. Dan Kemp.
Cherbourg headlined. They had quite an unusual sound, but definitely not bad unusual.
Donna and Kate developed a one hand clapping technique so Kate could drink my pint and show gratitude at the same time.

You know it's good when Matt's driven to lick face.
Cherbourg certainly had the hair for it.
He was so much more into the dancing than you can tell.
See? Told you.