Monday, January 19, 2009

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads

Last week was Jay's birthday party at Muse.
Seeing as we had the whole of the upstairs, that meant 4-way Wii on the big screen.
Which, as you can probably tell, was BIG.

I think everybody had at least one go.
Matt came over for a bit.
Aaren did his best to prove himself as MarioKart king.
Amber was somewhere between really good and not really sure.
Andy loved it. 
Stuart and Ali. This was before he stole the camera for a bit.
Jay was having a pretty good birthday I think.
Family love and all that.
I think this is where Ali took over.

Matt's housemates.
Dan came over for a quick game before heading back to work.
I'm not sure what I was pointing at. I was beginning to get quite drunk by this point.
Jay was beating me though.
I'm not even going to try and explain this.
Or this.
Good night overall, really.

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