Friday, January 16, 2009

Lemurs, Man, Lemurs.

Right. Pop9. These are of various sizes and qualities. I haven't quite got to grips with my negative scanner. They're probably all in the wrong order too.
Eleven on the night Tricky came out.
There's the man himself.
I don't know who this is.
But that's Ashley and Leo. That's on new year's.
and that's Matt either drunk or not expecting a flash to go off. Not sure where or when.
Keiran. Again, not sure when that one was.
Judas on the "most drunk he'd been in ages" night.
8 Sam's. Dunno what happened to number 9.
That looks an awful lot like Matt's hair.
The two lovely girls from Radiator that me and James met on the night I temporarily lost my phone. Again, chronologically, I've got no idea.
But that's Marq and Nicki on Marq's birthday in Muse.

Same night.
I needed a shave, clearly.
I believe this is Saturday, in Brownes to start the night.
and this is in The Market Bar.
Matt and Ashley.
There was some HARD dancing going down.
and hard drinking to accompany it.

Chest shot.
Pictures from Jay's birthday are almost done. I'll try and get them up by tomorrow night, then there's some more coming in the next few days, but I can't tell you about those yet.

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  1. I've never seen a pop9 in action, nice shots buddy. x