Monday, January 05, 2009

Highly Refined Pirates

Alrighttttt, here we go. Right after all the Christmas antics it was back to work, shooting OBN in Derby supporting 80's Matchbox.
Everybody was pretty proud of the merch stand.
I'm not posting many of these as they're not 100% done yet and I'm still waiting to see what the band want to do with them. Here's Judas though, doing his thing.

and Jonny. 
I didn't want to leave Tray out, so here's half of her. I didn't get chance to get a proper shot. Sorry!
Then I got a ride back to Nottingham and bumped into a WHOLE bunch of people I haven't seen in a while, such as Ben right there.
No night is complete without this gentleman.
Michael and Holly.
Sam looking even more red than usual.
Me and Ashley.
Sarah and Alix. It really was a night for taking photos in pairs.
Fast forward a few days and we've got me looking a bit mid-conversation on NYE after work. I'm not sure who the hand belongs to. Also, I didn't take most of these, so photo credit to the various people who did.
Kim was working, but I thought she deserved a mention!
Ashley and Leo.
I'm doing an awful expression here, but I like this shot. L-to-R: Ivan (sorry if that's spelled wrong), Ashley, Matthew, Joe and me.
Joe does close-ups properly.

Charlotte. I'm not sure if this is mid-blink or a pose.

Marq provided the tunes.
Nick provided the faces.
And Ashley provided the momentary obscure hair and eyes shot.
The only photo with Aaren in it focused on Joe's hair. Damn.

There'll be a bunch more when I've had them developed, but I'm not sure what of. The SLR went away when we left Broadway and it's probably for the best. None of us were in any state to take photographs.
Should have a fashion shoot coming together in the very near future, so watch out!

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