Thursday, January 01, 2009

Half A Scissor

There'll be another post coming pretty soon, but it's getting late and to be honest, I'm shattered.
Pink sky from my house.
Me and Matt went to London for a few days. Good news came in the form of Instituto Marangoni being really impressive. Bad news came in the form of a broken hand and the news that my Colorsplash can't be repaired. Damn.
Liverpool Street has so many people coming from so many angles. It's crazy in there.
Matt went for a wander.
It has a pretty smart room too.
Tottenham Court Road I think.

Christmas eve I stayed at my mum's place. This was Christmas morning. Robert clearly hadn't woken up properly by this point.
Then we all headed over to my gran's, where my dad stays when he's in town.
There he is.
And there's gran. Slightly blurred, but this really is the best photo of her I got.
I stayed there Christmas night. In the morning the feeling of being inside for a day was a bit rough, so me and the pop went for a walk.
Nottingham at Christmas never really changes much.

Birds are a nightmare at f1.8.

Then it was back to gran's for the yearly dosage of Mary Poppins.
OBN pictures coming as soon as I've finished them!

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