Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions

Friday night was the Bopp, which is pretty big business in this town. Chris asked me to get some photos of the band, so me and Leo dressed accordingly and headed on down.
Sorry it's another massive post.
Credit to the Lanzoni for this one.
I hadn't ironed my collar properly.
Elaine, another escapee of the Muji machine.
Leo had a nice hat.
Sarah doesn't like having her photo taken when she's sober.
I'm still not really used to Rob not being in a metal band.
The man Chris Dawson himself.

Everybody went ape for Chris and his blacksaphone.

I got a photo of Jim! Woo!
Even one of him doing his best Popeye face.

I wasn't going to post this, but I love the way my flash triggered the other photographer's right as it was pointing at Leo.

I was asked to take this by his girlfriend. I don't know who either of you are, but if you find this, I hope you like it.

Leo had been dance practicing I think.

Everyone was definitely in the party mood.

Gotta love the wireless.
All in all, a good night. Roll on next month, when hopefully I won't have work the next morning and can take more crowd shots/get more drunk.
Currently sorting through birthday photos, but in two minds about whether I want to post them. There's some shockers to say the very least.

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  1. Told you you wouldn't get any decent ones of me! :)
    Good work buddy