Thursday, November 06, 2008

No sympathy for a sinking ship

So a few weeks ago I went to London for a week. It was nice to be away for a while. Definitely well-needed. Anyway,
This is the new Banksy piece right by Tottenham Court Road. There's actually a bit more out of frame. There's a cop taking a photo, but I didn't notice it at the time. I am clearly the fool.
Me and James hung out every day, which was DEFINITELY needed. Me and him on the Jubilee Line I think, on our way to Southwark.
Here comes autumn.
The streets between Southwark and Elephant and Castle are weird. They're like some kind of desolate zone where people only pass through in cars.
Anyway, this is where we were going. Seizure by Roger Hiorns is quite possibly the best show I've seen this year. It'll take me forever to explain what it's all about, so go here to find out properly, but basically he filled a whole flat with Copper Sulphate and then let crystals form in there before draining and opening it up.
This was the light fixture.
It was really dark in there, so apologies for the possible blurriness.
I'm not even sure which bit this is.
James in the bath.
Me in the bath.

I don't know why the bits by the bulb went white. James could probably tell you.

The next day I had to wait until the afternoon to meet the homeboy, so I went for a walk in Hyde Park.

The Frank Gehry pavilion at The Serpentine was impressive, but I'm not a fan. Sorry, Frank.
I hung out with a squirrel for a bit.
But he got too close to my lens and I couldn't focus on him.
Storybook house round the corner from James' flat.
Hampstead Heath is greeeeeeen.
and the sky was bluuuuuuue.
Super sunshine on the walk up Parliament Hill.
Scenes of a Sexual Nature. There'll be a big panorama shot of this up in a few days.
Kite flying at the top.

We didn't get chance to explore the park properly, but what we saw was lovely. That place really is worth everything that's said about it.
What's bunning?
Waterloo graffiti spot wasn't as good as it usually is, but these bits were fantastic.
Sorry this one's so dark. It's such a pain to take photos in there.

Wide-angle in the best camera shop on TCR.
I'm really not sure which station this was in. Thanks for hanging out, James!

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