Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two, Three, Fall.

Okay, so here we go. A whole bunch of Polaroids taken since whenever I stopped blogging for a while. None are particularly well-scanned or aligned, so sorry about that!
DIY Polaroid filtering when I still lived in the lodging.
These were all shot in total darkness, so I wouldn't know what Beth was doing until I saw the print.
She's ace, non?
It was tiring stuff, so then we went to get ready for bedtime.
Stoney Street, sometime in July I think.
Red is in the details.
Apples on the tracks at Attenborough station.
Bethany after we went to take photos on flowers in really odd weather.
This was on the way to Roshan's show at Lee Rosy's.
Nice hat.
Nice grin.
The day at the park.

When the deer came to hang out with us.
I think this one thought we were especially cool.
This is the photo of my summer.
This is one of a whole load of experiments involving ripping apart prints.
Lighting experiment shoot.
"Beth, just do your crazy face!"
Burning the print seemed like a good idea.
Can you tell I wasn't expecting this?

Big head.

Beth missed me and we both miss Bon Bons.
It really was.
Someone's breakfast in the Mezz bar.
Bethany found this in the street near the station. If this is you, get in touch Mr. Polaroid Man!

Seeing as I've just had these prints back I thought I better add them. Sorry they're so grainy. I don't know what my scanner was thinking.
"Daddy, I want a fucking pony!"
Pop and Teres not knowing what to eat.
Bethany in the sunshine around Mayfair.
The Dandy (but rather blurred) Warhols.
Joseph and my hand. No idea where this was.
And finally, the view from my dad's flat with what I believe to be Nottingham station.

Back to work tomorrow but hopefully I'll have some new shots up from London in a few days along with some Hustle pictures.

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