Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm back!

Okay, so here it is, the big catch-up post. It's going to be a real big one, so big in fact, I'm having to do a separate one with all the Lomo/polaroid goings on. Anyway, here's a brief attack on everything since the last meeting. Sorry about the shocking quality, they're all pretty lo-res so your bandwidths don't get raped trying to load them.

First up a couple of really shocking pictures from my old phone. This is a pub in Brighton right by the university (remember me saying I had the interview?). I didn't get a place, but whatever.
I'll upload some sketchbook scans if anyone's interested, but this is some Final Major Project prep involving myself and a team of highly skilled rapscallions carrying furniture a mile up a main road on a hot day. I salute you all.
And here's the furniture all laid out in my "room".
Then me and Bethany cleared off to Edinburgh for a few days. This was around 4am after zero sleep and a very long day (we're back into digital territory now).
We caught a train over the Forth Bridge to Dalghety (I hope I spelled that right) Bay.
There it is.

This is the bay. It was so bleak, it was amazing.
There's the bridge off in the distance. Seriously, for a tidal estuary, the water was flat. No waves whatsoever.
Then it started raining pretty hard, so we got the train again, but the long way round (intentionally) to catch some more of Scotland.
More bleakness.

That bridge runs parallel with the railway one.
You can't see it very well, but those houses/buildings below literally went right up to the water.
Storybook house.
The next day we went for a posh lunch and I bought a big cigar.

Don't worry, we put it in the bin afterwards.
This was an antique shop near...
Our next destination. The Botanical Gardens.
These are all pretty hazy. It was like a rainforest in there.


You'd have thought with a name containing the word "Sanchez" it'd be a bit more interesting.
Princes Street, on the way back.
Last day. Up in the old town.
We should've gone here when we had more time really. It was lovely.
Back in the new town.

I know it's probably just me that likes these things, but the windows on this store (that I can't remember the name of) were great.
This was literally a few doors down from our hotel.
Goodbye Edinburgh.
Hello Nottingham, and straight into my big Final Major Project photoshoot.
I took HUNDREDS of photos altogether, but these are the ones that went in the exhibition.

Again, I took loads this night, but in the interest of not boring people, These are Hannah's dresses from her project.

And there's Hannah in one of them.
These should actually be below the next lot. I uploaded them wrong. Sorry.
Me, Beth and Joseph went to visit poppa Stevenson and make a music video (I'll post the video separately with a big description). After Joe went back, we stuck around for a few days.
Fisheyein' Ben.
Camden town and father himself.
These are the ones that should've come first. This was Brighton filming day.
Bethany filmed some.
Brighton Station.
Joseph filmed some.
Bethany filmed some more.
And I Lomo'ed.
We did close-ups.
Bethany hit me in the face.
Then I filmed some!
Hello Joe's shoe!
It was ridiculously windy.
But Beth was happy.
We stopped by the American Apparel store.
Then went for a well-earned drink.

I was that happy. Not even kidding.

Then we went home.
A couple of weeks later and we decided to make the most of my day off being sunny with a trip to Wollaton Park.
Beth had never been there before. She liked it lots I think.

We saw some deer.
Then they came to say hello.

El See Aye.

Then we found Jodie! A good day all round.
There was a bit of a gap then in which everything became crazy busy, but the results are a new house, and this is my view.
The next day the sun came out.
So we went to the Arboretum to look at the flowers.

It rained again.

But then it stopped and a squirrel came to say hello.

Care free sex for all at Nottingham University.
Nice colours in my room.
Which brings us neatly to the present and my latest venture. These were from the freshers fair at Clarendon. Adam (the guy in the hat) is putting on the Hockley Hustle and it's going to kick ass. Beth's big-time involved so I'm trying to throw in a hand where I can!
I got my hair cut too.
I can't remember anybody's names. Sorry!
I want to be a giant inflatable gorilla.
Adam doesn't.

This one's by Beth, because I had to work on the second day. The girl has skills, non?

Lomo post and lost more news soon!

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