Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An accidental memory in the case of death

I'm getting really bad at posting lately, but I assure you, I've been busy with exciting new ideas that'll be on here before you know it.I've just finished another photoshoot project. This time I had to choose four characters from a list and style them for a photoshoot similar to those seen in contemporary Vogue. I chose "The Stag", "The Peacock", "The Butterfly" and "The Lion". Beth helped out LOADS (thanks!), that's why she's doing Shaun's hair right there!
Although he didn't show it, deep down I think Shaun quite liked wearing makeup.
My antlers wouldn't stay on his head, so a resourceful team, duct tape and a lighting stand led to this.
Then it was time to get Bethany all styled up as The Butterfly.
Day two saw Odette become The Peacock (with eye makeup that I'm really rather proud of!).
These are just a hint of how final results are looking.

Exciting, eh? Incidentally, there aren't any pictures of getting Will ready because my battery was quickly running out and I was terrified of losing it.
Last day of term post-college drinks at the Broadway.
Some hands are just made for drawing on. Bethany clearly has hands of this variety.

I'm off to London tomorrow, then Brighton for an interview on Thursday. Expect another post when I get back!
Happy Easter!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Aluminium Cucumbers

Today was one of those days when you're reminded that sunshine and warmth are two very, very different things.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sweden's new English

London College of Fashion - The Slug And Lettuce at Waterloo - The Blind Beggar at Whitechapel - Brick Lane for a curry - Chelsea School of Art & Design - Camden - Borough Market - Home for a weird movie - Pasta bake - Portobello Road - I've probably missed bits out - lots more pictures when I've had them developed!