Monday, February 25, 2008

Bringing everything back into line

Part one:

Yeah, it's been ages. Sorry. Here we go though. Everything worth mentioning since then:I made a shirt for my interview at UWE in Bristol. Technically, I didn't MAKE the shirt, but I modified it pretty heavily. I'll post some proper pictures of the finished product in the next few days. Credit to Beth for helping too, but more on her in a minute.
I went to Brighton with the pop for the day, and to check out the Illustration course there.
We had burgers and beer.
And the weather was surprisingly good for the end of January.
College came down to London a few days later. Ian was as excited as Justin, he's just got a more calm way of showing it.
Somewhere in Soho.
Nighttime in Russell Square.
The hotel where they stayed had the longest corridors i've ever seen.
It had pretty cool views though.

Everybody before they all went out.
The next day was pretty rubbish weather-wise.

And presenting...
Miss Bethany Elinor Allan. Keen filmmaker, Lomographer, and my rather lovely girlfriend.

Part two:

Basically, Beth has a colorsplash too. This means I'm going through film like you wouldn't believe and I really need to learn how to develop my own photos. ANYWAY...

Broseph Sharpe, hard at work in Tantra.
Double colour filtering.
James. Train buddy and very good product/furniture designer.
The day needed some colour.
The train home.
James Sowter! Back at home and back out on the beer!
But not the White Storm.
Lunchtime at Homemade. If you live in Nottingham, go there. Trust me.
Why they're repairing the Thurland is beyond me. They should just tear it down.
Long Exposures and a bored RAC man.
I had an open day to go to on February 14th, so rather than spend it alone, I brought Beth to London for the week. We went to Brighton for the day first though.
Beer and tshirts on Brighton beach in mid-February. It was crazy.
Covent Garden.

Scrunched faces in The Black Sheep.
Sadly, it was all over too quickly and we had to come back north. The compulsory Ian shot!
Lee Rosy's. I know this is a bit of an "aww" picture, but whatever!

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