Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A short history of everything since my birthday.

First a few Lomo shots from my birthday that I was a bit slow getting developed.Tom.
Me and the pop.

Halloween!Pre-party drinks in The Social with Joe, Justin and Liam, then off to the Broadway fancy dress party.
I was a car crash.
Aneliese and Jay.
Maria. Well, I think it is. Several people seemed to wear that throughout the night.
Matt and Mr. Luke Moss, who was too cool for dressing up.


Sharn was twice as awake as everyone on the 7am coach.
Ian and Matt.
National Express!

The Corn Exchange, Leeds.
This reminds me of some kinda ad for jeans or something.

Out with Amy and Holly.
Amy told us she wasn't wasted, but I'm thinking otherwise.
Double team!

The night Euan came back.
Back from Glasgow, Mr Euan Leopold!
I don't remember being that drunk in a loooooong time, but Euan had fun, so it was worth it.

UCAS Art & Design fair.
More early morning trains into Nottingham...
...followed by more coach trips. To Manchester this time!
Charlene's foot got kidnapped.
The Manchester Hilton building kicks ass.
UCAS fairs are like riots, but with prospectuses.
Post-Manchester, pre-home beer. For the record, I wasn't actually asleep.

Emma's birthday shindig!

Emma's all old now. The champagne was good.

After very little sleep, me and Matt both went to work the next day. We're proud.

Cake people.
Our first project in the specialist areas was to make a pantomime character out of cake. The photos don't really show it, but some of them were REALLY good.
Mine was in the "not-so-good" category.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw.
A Hawk And A Hacksaw played The Malt Cross, which, for anyone who isn't familiar with Nottingham, is a big deal. I was one of the few that had a ticket, woo!
They were amazing on such a level, and couldn't have played in a better environment. Looking up and seeing faces poking between the fairy lights on the balcony is something else.

Me, Joseph, Clare and Kirsty saw Heima in a "one night only" showing. Joe had to leave before the end, but GOSH it was good. For anyone who hasn't seen it, go buy it right now.

Last day of college.
Ian's new camera. He likes it.
Seeing as it was the last day, we had a surprise party for Helen, 'cause she's surprised us enough times. I'm not sure what face Megan's doing there though.
This is so difficult to explain unless you were there.
Melissa, Emma and Helen. My favourite people around.
Charades. Hollie kicked ass.
Liam. If I remember right, this was America's Next Top Model.

And finally.
This was the last photo I took in 2007, a year in which I had one camera confiscated five times in three different venues. Wicked.


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