Monday, October 22, 2007

Venice: Part two - Lomo

There's a few I didn't scan, but not many. If anybody can think of a photo that was taken but I haven't posted, and they want it, I'll send it.The gin on the plane came in bags! Apparently the whiskey did too!
I think these are the Alps. I'm not sure though.
Tom was working away before we'd even touched down.

More mountains.
This bridge is the only way onto Venice. It's really low in relation to the sea. Kinda strange.
We pretty much blocked-off the alleyway whilst the rooms were sorted out.
Me and Ian refused the option of McDonalds for breakfast.
In the Biennale. I can't remember which pavillion this was. The model slowly extended and contracted, like it was stretching. There were two other similar models. It was pretty creepy.
Outside the Hong Kong pavillion. The pile is made from oyster shells.
Emma looking lovely as usual.
Ian and Hannah on the walk back.
That night, we all dressed-up smart and went out. Me and Francis were proud of our turned-back cuffs. I like the way the film messed-up here.
Liam doing his best to look as sleazy, yet smart, as possible.
Me and Ian.
The pre-going out crew.
Ian, Ashleigh and me.
Hannah and Will in quite possibly the most overpriced and irritatingly staffed restaurant in Venice.
Max.On the way back, we bumped into the girls, who I think were just heading out. I wasn't going to post this, but it seems it's the only photo of Melissa that I have on this camera. Here you go Melissa!
Lizzie and Sarah.
Steph tried to avoid the camera.
When we eventually got back, the alcohol REALLY got flowing.
Megan bought a fan!
The rest of the girls arrived at just the right time. Ian looks quite the pimp!
The rather awesome (and extremely lovely) Grace Brooks.
Justin and me. Smiles and silly faces all round!

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