Sunday, October 28, 2007

Venice: Part three - Day one digital photos!

Seeing as everybody else in the hotel was on the earlier flight, they'd pretty much settled into the rooms before I arrived. There were two rooms in our part. Everyone else was in the hotel-owned apartments, about ten minutes away on foot. My room had me, Ian and Ian in it, the other had another five guys (can't be bothered to type names). We shared a bathroom!It took us forever to work out how the air conditioner remote actually worked.
The other room, cameras and insults galore.
The window at the bottom is the other room. Mine was just to the right, out of frame, behind the fence.
Looking the other way.
The first night, the majority vote was for a McDonalds dinner. Me and Ian went elsewhere and got pizza!
Then we headed over to the ten-bed apartment (along with everybody else it seemed), for a bit of socialising.
Liam and Justin.
Clemency and Jack.
Ashleigh and Ian.
The bottle Liam's holding here had a lot of Jack Daniels in it. Liam downed it. This was about two seconds later.
Big beer bottles made me and Ian seem smaller than ever!
This looked SO alarmingly like they were gonna make out.

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