Monday, October 29, 2007

Venice: Part six - Day four digital photos!

On Thursday, which was also the final day, I made a point of making sure I saw the Icelandic pavillion, which happened to be only a couple minutes walk from the apartments!
The work was, as everyone had expected, intricate, and for the most part, beautiful.

I want to go!
I got myself a press kit for the pavillion, which I've been musing over pretty much constantly!
The Ukranian pavillion. We found this by accident. Glad we did!
It featured dozens of photographs. All of them were as good as this.
The windows were open, so you could get a good view of the Grand Canal.
More photos.
Accordion in San Polo (I think) square.
The drinking water fountains actually provide clean drinking water!
Even Venetian cats lose themselves sometimes.
The pigeons really are everywhere in the square.
Then is started to rain and chaos broke out.
Pretty soon the square was empty.
After a long wander through alleys and side streets, I popped out at the best view I got of the day!
The rain carried on. It really was miserable. And cold.
But we still braved it!
Fast forward a few hours and Grace was all smiles at the airport!
Clemency tried her best.
Tom looked as dashing as ever.
All ready to go...
...until we were told we had a four hour delay, meaning we were now leaving Italy at 2:45am.
Justin kept up the smiles though!
He was alone though. Everybody else took a chair, or just the floor in Helen's case.
Treviso airport. 2am smoking break.
This is the only photo I took upon arriving back in England.

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