Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To bring everything up to date!

As usual, I'm way behind at posting on here, so this is a back-post (if you like) of the past week or so.
I thought it was about time I got a picture of everyone on here. Left to right: Tom, Joe, Ian, Charlene, Hannah's back, Hollie, Alex, Pete, Liam.
Modelmaking/set design exercise. This is actually about 5cm tall.
It worked and everything.
After buying in a load of junk the week before, we created characters based on Dadaist-esque headlines/sentences we'd already made.
"Furious barber interrupted powerful surprise anxiety showdown."
This was a project in which we had to make a protective container so that an egg wouldn't drop when smashed. We only got straws and a couple balloons to make it with, so it was tricky. This was the outer frame.
And this is the inner one.
Then we strengthened the outer frame.
And the inner one, then used the balloon elastic to suspend the smaller cage within the bigger one.
Then all the teams packed their way into the stairwell.
Ours was by no means the worst design, but it didn't really do very well.


Those that survived the first floor drop went up another level. You can see my team's effort lying sadly in the failed design graveyard.

Some even made it to the top floor without smashing the egg.
Liam and Alex.
This was from a repetitive form project. I made like, a hundred of these, then left them at home and had to make a load more. It wasn't fun!

My final creation ALMOST worked out how I wanted it to!
Some of the other ideas really had it going on though.


The more I wandered around, the less proud I was of my efforts. Well done everyone else though.

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