Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trash Fashion launch party

The Thursday before last, Rob (of Bar Eleven Tuesday night fame!) started up his new night, Trash Fashion, at Bluu.
Rob's new (and rather awesome) shoes.
I don't know who this is. She's awfully pretty though.
Tom looking just as handsome and Timberlake-esque as usual.
These were our table-neighbours, as it were.
Joseph, ever the faithful drinking companion.

I liked the beer.

It's quite surprising how many photos I have of Joseph doing this face.
Debauchery at the next table.
Crowds of pretty ladies make everyone happier!
This looks like I'm doing some kind of elaborate sign language.
Scrunched face and looking for a pen.
More table-neighbours!
Makin' shapes.
More shape makers.
Then Shaun appeared, out for his 19th birthday. He's getting old, the poor lad!
No night is complete without a bit of Simo-love.
Pink champagne! (I'm not sure who this actually belonged to).

She had the best dress ever.
EVEN MORE shape-makers.

Then, before any of us really realised it was actually 3am, the lights went up and it was time to get up, wobble up the stairs, and head on out!
I was sick on the way, and it was finally captured on camera! Yay?
Simo's house is surprisingly high up!

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