Friday, October 19, 2007

Phlebas, October 9th

I know it's taken me forever to upload these, but it'll all make sense when my next post is ready!
Simo was out for his official birthday celebratory night! Twenty-three and just as gorgeous as ever!
Nathan was also out for some birthday madness, having finally hit the big one-eight! Happy birthday to both of you!
Shaun and Joe's limited edition Phlebas hats owned the party!
Mr Robert Symes. Keeping us all musically happy every tuesday (and thursday).
It was the busiest I've ever seen the pseudo-dancefloor area.
Dance fest!

The birthday crowd.
Hannah is a Phlebas Phanny.
We're friends really. Honest.
I don't know your name (sorry!).
Tom was loving the night so much...
...he got up on the DJ booth and got his dance on! Check those shapes!

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