Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Last friday I skipped life drawing class and hopped on a train to London to see The Fall Of Troy. New London citizen James Ellis met me shortly after I arrived and we hit up Camden for a few pre-show (or uni bar crawl if you're James) drinks.
Poppa Stevenson.
If I'd used flash here it would've made more sense. But I didn't. OPEN YOUR EYES JAMES.
The day after the show, feeling tired and very beaten-up, I met up with Tom Rourke and we went to the design museum, where him and his false leg got us half price entry!
Zaha Hadid's architectural models.

The photos really don't do these justice. The scale and attention to detail was amazing on all of them.
Even the tiny people were detailed and carried expression.
I go past this building on my train from my house into London, but this is the first time we'd seen it up close.
The stone blocks underneath has a really thin layer of flowing water on them.

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