Sunday, October 07, 2007

Colours, food and tuesday nights out.

Monday. Part one.

Last monday was our first colour theory workshop. We had to paint a found object (in my case a Jagermeister bottle), then pose it against different colour swatches to see how strong or little effect a coloured background had on the object.

The goat was Thomas' found object. Everyone liked the goat.

Monday. Part two.

After college, I met up with new Nottingham resident Abbey, fresh from Manchester and ready for the assault on university. After aimless wandering and Broadway hot chocolate, we got some vegetables and went back to her new house.
Red onions, green peppers and sweetcorn.
Chopped tomatoes and more sweetcorn.

Why I ended up cooking and not Abbey is something I'm not sure of, but any chances to express my newly developed culinary skills are great!

Tuesday night.

After dinnertime on Tuesday, me, Liam and Ben took Abbey to Bar Eleven for an introduction to nights out in Nottingham (sort of).
Ben and his new tattoo (and Liam's hat!).

Everyone loves mobile phones.
Welcome to the first of many nights out, Miss Sheridan!

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