Saturday, September 15, 2007

Derbyshire (day one).

Lunchtime in a field. I was scratched by the same spiked plant like, a hundred times.
Will always pulls these faces.
Drawing on a hill. It was surprisingly difficult to climb up to here.

Max and Will.

Sun-bleached wood.
All the way around from the top of the hill (almost).

Then we went back down.

I made the worst job of painting this.
And this. That wall was a lot harder to negotiate jumping from than it looks.

Herd of students.

Anna. She doesn't always look like this. Honest.
More painting.
Hannah looks angry. Waiting to be fed.
The spooky church.
I'm not entirely sure where this is.
Joe and Max go momentarily blind.

This was even more intense than it looks. Just look at the concentration on their faces.

I sucked at table tennis, especially whilst holding beer.
Jules taking up umpire duties.
Above the stairs in the hostel.
Why men would have tampons both puzzles and alarms me.

Everyone loves the 'bulb' setting.
Anna took up bottle-opening duties...
...until Will took over.
Anna's display of bizarre anatomy.

Night shots of the spooky church.

Dirty stop-outs.
Best photo of the trip.
Jules hated the flash.

Inside the abandoned house. This place was scary.
Max's eyes.
I think this was taken by accident.
"Aw no! Take one again!"
"That's what we're talking about!"

The remaining stop-outs hanging out under the stars.

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