Sunday, August 19, 2007

Results night.

So thursday was results day. That made it the best reason to go out that anyone's had all year.
Not all of these were taken by me. Some were by Leo and two or three were by Chris. I can't remember exactly which. Either way, it seemed important to mention that. Also, there's a load of blurry ones. I have no idea at all why that happened. At first I put it down to a drunken inability to focus, but after about an hour good shots started coming out again. Whatever.
I also understand that a load of people will be all "That photo of me is awful. take it down!"
I'm not going to. So don't bother asking!Monika and Kim looking lovely in Speakeasy. I can't remember who the guy is (sorry!).
My hair got messed-up.
"Nicholas. You always do the same pose. Do a different one."
Trying to take photos of Lainey is a total nightmare.
I dunno who this is (sorry!).

James showed-up after going home for some mid-afternoon drinking.
The guy behind Dan looks exactly the same as Dan. Weird.

Then I found Joe...
...and Alex.
Glass monkey.
Mike and Lucy.
Lucy's new hair impressed everybody.
Leo's present from Italy!
Joe doing his best Italian mobster impression.

I dunno who these were. They saw my camera and asked if I'd take a photo.
Zoe popped-up out of nowhere.



Speakeasy's busy as the best of times. This was no exception.

Pepperami man.
Like a bear, but more camp.

I'd either been poked, or insulted. Can't remember.

No night out would be complete without Mr. Matt Pickles himself.

Old school people in the Rock City queue.
Alex likes Elvis.
Alix is going to hate me for that one.
Another attempt at Lainey-ography.


Lynsey was actually quite sober.

Steve loves being photographed really.
Even Martin Cobb was out.
This opened the floodgates for so many "cock-slap"-related lines later on.
I was going to delete this, but Euan's expression is legendary.

(This is where everything got momentarily blurred). Ian.

Ian and Keiran.

Leanne owned Rock City.

This was important at the time. I can't remember why.
Euan. A king amongst men.
Stumbling back into focus, I also found a Broadway staff night out.
Ben knew the score.

Take two. Take one is below.
Take one. Hair in the way!

Red Stripe.

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